Jeff's Bio



Jeff is a live event photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. With over 20 years of experience in live event photography around the United States alone, Jeff has become known as one of the top live event photographers in the nation. He's been the head photographer at events such as Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival, Dallas Mardi Gras, Lone Survivor Foundation Celebrity Softball Game, and hundreds of other events over the years.

Why should you hire me for your event?

Photography is my true calling. Finding the perfect moment, the perfect angle, and capturing it. That's what I live for. The smiles that my photography bring to others. 

Over the years I've practiced every kind of photography that there is. Landscape, real estate, head shots, senior photos, concerts, festivals, product, sports, celebrity, and more... Every style has a different creative angle for me... But live events is where I've found my true calling.

With live event photography, there's a unique skill set required that can't be taught. It's developed over time and from hundreds of thousands of clicks of the camera. Anticipating moments, capturing the fun and the priceless expressions, positioning yourself in the best place at the best time so that you don't miss the best photographs. Event photography is one of the toughest forms of photography because you don't get do overs, you don't get perfect lighting and you don't get perfect subjects. You have one shot to get it right. As the photographer, it's up to me on how the event looks when it's over. Whether it looks like people are having the time of their life, or whether they're miserable. It's up to the photographers expertise on how live events are eternally seen.

I have over 20 years of experience in live events such as music festivals, charity events, athletic events, action sports and more. I also own hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment to assure that I've got the best equipment for any job. From large projects such music festivals with tens of thousands of people, to small projects such as charity events with just dozens of people, I've done it.

I hope that you will trust me with your event because live events are my true passion and where I hold the most experience. It's my sole focus because to be the best event photographer in the world, it takes endless experience in live event photography and constant practice of refining my craft. You only have one shot to get your event photographed the right way, and hiring an intern to do it is often one of the events biggest regrets. I truly believe that I'm the best option for your event because of experience, expertise, equipment, and I will stop at nothing to make your event look in photograph even better than it was in person.

I am YOUR live event photographer.

- Jeff